Thursday, June 2, 2011

37 weeks

As of today I am 37 weeks 4 days pregnant and I have officially reached the point of wanting to be done. I am hoping she is coming soon... at least within the next week or so.

Two nights ago I began having contractions that were fairly uncomfortable. I don't want to say they hurt terribly but they kept me up and definitely were not pleasant. They actually were getting me to a point where I was very nauseous. Throughout the day yesterday I had mild contractions but continued with my day. Last evening just about the time youth group was supposed to start I got this shooting pain in my back. It went from a dull ache to a intense pain. I literally felt like someone tied a string around all my back muscles and was pulling them toward the front of my stomach as hard as they could. This then moved down to my lower abdomen and began to really bother me. I began to time the intense times of these pains and they were about 9 minutes apart. By the time church was over I was so ready to get home and lay down. I got home and continued to time the contractions. They got to the point they were about 7 minutes apart and lasting about 2 and a half minutes long. They eased up after about an hour and a half so I took advantage of the intensity decrease and went to bed. I had a few contractions throughout the night that woke me up but managed to catch a little sleep. I woke up pretty early (about 6:30) and decided that I guess that meant I was done sleeping. I have been getting up really early every day lately. I am typically up around 7:15 every morning which is sickening to me on my day off but guess good preparation for a child.

I had an appointment today and found out some news. I actually tested positive to the Group B Strep test I had last week. Group B strep is a bacteria that one in four women carry and often don't know about until tested for it during pregnancy. It often does no harm to the woman but can cause serious illness in babies if not detected and treated properly. I was so disappointed when I heard him say it came back positive. It scares me a bit because I don't want to expose my baby girl to anything that might harm her. I will be put on an IV antibiotic when I go into labor. I am not thrilled about this especially with all my antibiotic allergies but we will see how it goes. To be honest I am more upset about the fact that she will be put on antibiotics immediately after birth. The last thing I want is for her to be over exposed to antibiotics like I was as a child. Many doctors have told me some of my allergies are a result of over exposer so young. I sure hope she has a stronger immune system than I do. I found out that I am now a full centimeter dilated, 70% effaced, and at a  -3 labor station. I have progressed 1/2 centimeter since last Thursday which is not much but its progress and am 10% more effaced than last week. I have had continued contractions today but nothing too strong. My back still aches but again nothing like last night. I am hoping things continue to move along and maybe a little bit more by my appointment next Thursday.

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