Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12 week pictures

Woke up a few days ago and look what I found... my pants done fit anymore. :) 12  weeks 3 days.

Rubber Band Please!

So, it has been a while since my last post. A lot has gone on since then. Lets see, I went to Nashville for National Youth Workers Convention which was very good and refreshing for me but being plagued with morning/ all day sickness made the beginning of that time a little rough. I went home to Virginia to visit with my family for Thanksgiving and Tim and I made our first baby purchases while there; a alligator stuffed animal (I think its for Tim not baby) and a cow outfit for meeting Papa (Tims Dad) for the first time in. And this week we have had the opportunity to have my brother-in-law, Brandon visit.

I had my second baby appointment last Monday and we were able to hear the heartbeat. The doctor didn't mention that there was more than one so I am feeling pretty confident that we are having just one baby (praise the Lord). Overall that appointment went very well and we are anxious for the next just after Christmas.

Changes for my body since the last post have been pretty drastic in my opinion. Lets see, I had pretty bad morning sickness. I must say its stupid that they call it morning sickness when it really has nothing to do with mornings at all and lasts pretty much all day long. After losing a total of 6lbs I believe it has finally passed for the most part. I find that I do get a little nauseous if I do not eat my bowl of cheerios every morning before doing too much but that seems to be the trick for me. I noticed the other day that my clothes are starting to get pretty tight on me. Thank goodness for rubber bands because without them I would have no pants to wear. As a matter of fact the comments have started to flow from those that know I am pregnant. I actually got one the other day from someone that said, "wow, you're starting to plump up there aren't ya?". That was a really nice way to put it (complete sarcasm). Hopefully, the baby gut starts to look more like a baby gut instead of a beer gut pretty soon. "Plump" really is kinda my fashion fopa. Now that I am in my second trimester I guess that should be expected that things will begin to change and people may begin to notice more. For now its sweats and rubber bands. I think a belly band is next in line for purchase.

Speaking of purchases... Tim ordered our nursery furniture on cyber Monday. The dresser came the other day but instead of being cherry like we ordered and like the box said the contents were white. Guess that one has to be sent back. The crib should be here any day now!

Things are becoming exciting and lots of changes are happening. Hopefully this blog makes it so that people who want to know can stay up to date.