Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet Sweet Baby.

Many of those who read my blog have brought it to my attention that I have not posted in entirely too long. Don't be mistaken... I am well aware of this fact but simply have been a tad bit busy with a new baby, tons of visitors, traveling, and going back to work. My blogs may be few and far between but I promise to continue to post. 

So lets see, what has happened since my last posting? Oh my goodness, a ton! Hannah is now 4 weeks and 5 days old. Time is going by entirely too fast with her. Her day is not the most exciting. She wakes every3 hours (give or take a bit) for a feeding diaper change and an hour or so of "play time" which typically consists of staring at the ceiling or her dad and me. It was difficult to get her on a schedule with family in town for the first 3 weeks of her life and then traveling to my parents house last weekend. Now that we have been home alone for a few days we have been able to get things into somewhat of a normal schedule.

The beginning of the week was tough on all three of us because Hannah was completely out of sorts. She did nothing but cry and eat. She hardly ever slept and when she did her naps were no more than 45 minutes long. Tim and I were both so frustrated with why she was so upset and totally confused as to what happened to our completely content baby. It didn't take long to realize Hannah was experiencing some discomfort with her left eye. She began developing a nasty crust over her eye on a regular basis and was constantly rubbing it. I had pretty much figured out the girl had a blocked tear duct so I tried home remedies. We applied warm compresses all day long and even went to the extreme to take the crazy advice of putting breast milk in her eye to try to heal any infection going on. By Wednesday I gave up hope on the natural treatment and had completely become frustrated with the constant screaming my child was doing so I called her doctor. They had me bring her right in, massaged (aka pushed as hard as they could) around her eye to release the infection which was absolutely repulsive and gave me a prescription for a cream to apply three times a day. I experienced the mamma syndrome that so many moms tell you about but you can never truly understand until you experience it. It literally broke my heart to see her doctor push on my babies eye and make her cry to hard. Every time we applied her meds or massaged her eye at home Tim and I both cringed at the thought of possibly putting her through discomfort or pain. We have learned that if you do the treatment while she is eating or sleeping she doesn't seem to get quite as upset so its not as bad anymore but boy was it painful to watch my innocent sweet sweet baby hurt so bad. Today her eye is looking so much better and she seems to be in a much better mood. I think she is catching up on some sleep from the past few days because the girl seems to be sleeping all day today.  I am thrilled to be getting my happy, very content child back.

So much has changed in just a 4 week period of time for Hannah. The doctor called her a little cow. At 3 days old Hannah weighed 5lbs 12oz. At her appointment this past Wednesday (4 weeks 3 days old) Hannah weighed 8lbs 4oz with her clothes on. My peanut is filling out. She is still itty bitty but boy has she grown. She is almost completely out of her newborn diapers and into size 1. She has outgrown almost all of her preemie clothes and now fits into some newborn clothes. She is still pretty skinny so some newborn pieces are a bit big but her length makes it nearly impossible to fit her into the preemie things. She still cannot fit any newborn socks or shoes but we will get there eventually. I do not want to rush it... I love her petite-ness and want to hang on to these days as long as they will allow me. 

I am still so amazed by how perfect my child is. I know that sounds so self consumed and ridiculous but I cant help it. I know every mom says that about her baby but its not just me. Everyone keeps telling us how she looks like a baby doll and is easily mistaken for being fake because she is so perfect. I cannot help but stare at her and get wrapped up in every little detail of her. Tim and I are both just amazed at what we have been blessed with. She makes us proud in ways we never thought we would be. I just love that sweet sweet baby.