Monday, January 24, 2011


So this week has been quite the exciting one. Tim and I went to our first ultrasound on Friday. The night before you could just seem the anticipation written all over Tim and my faces. We were so anxious to get to bed and have time pass quickly. Unfortunately, waiting for this appointment was worst than Christmas. Niether of us slept much. We were just too excited/anxious to see our baby. The morning came very early and we were off to the hospital. I think I did a good job of covering up my nerves but inside I felt like I was going crazy. Tim and I sat in the waiting room discussing weather we thought the baby was a boy or girl. Tim had a dream that he had a wonderfully smart and well rounded daughter so that lead him to be pretty well convinced that it was a girl. I was unsure. I came up with all kinds of wives tales about what it could be. I am carrying pretty much all out front which of course means girl and girls steal their mothers beauty apparently which had to explain the acne... right?!?! But then at the same time... I started to show earlier than expected and Tim hasn't gained sympathy weight which means it has to be a boy. It cracks me up that people believe those things.

Finally it was our turn to go back. Our ultrasound tech was wonderful. She seemed to be very thorough. I would say she took pictures and measured all kinds of things for 45 minutes to almost an hour. One of the requirements for the ultrasound was drinking a ton of water before hand. I some how managed to hold down the 30oz and still allowed her to press on my stomach for a good while before I finally broke and had to relieve myself in the middle of our ultrasound. How embarrassing but completely normal I am sure. The entire ultrasound I kept getting this weird feeling about things. I couldn't believe that this thing with heart beat, brain, kidneys, fingers, toes and little nose was actually inside of me. It kind of freaked me out a bit... quite a reality check. At one point I looked at Tim and his joy of seeing his child move its arm and hand totally calmed me down and helped me stop freaking out. After showing Tim and I our quite calm and (in my biased opinion) cute child it was time to take a closer look at the physical features to find out what we were having. The tech spent some time trying to get the baby to move and uncross its legs and finally determined chances are good that our modest and very calm child is a GIRL! I sure hope her modesty and quietness sticks around after birth.


I expected Tim to want a boy but I was wrong... he couldn't be more excited to be having a little girl. I feel so lucky to have a husband who wants to be so involved. We both have had this itch to go baby shopping. We went to target yesterday after church and kind of became disappointed and discouraged after a long afternoon of trying to register but not finding what we want. That doesn't mean we didn't shop though. Tim and I ordered our bedding last evening off of ebay. Neither one of us are really big on characters or common child themes so we went for a more antique look which fits our personalities and styles well. I am so excited to get started and get things ready for our little girl. Sometime tells me she might be a little spoiled rotten.

The bedding we ordered. The 9 piece set inclues the toy bag, diaper sack,  throw pillow, bed skirt, sheet, quilt, bumper, and two window valances.

Notice there is pink (I know a shock coming from  me the worlds biggest pink hater)... but not too much of it thank goodness. 
We have decided to keep one thing a secret for the rest of the pregnancy. We are not telling the name we have chosen. Many people have asked and many will continue. I will fill you in on one clue... Weaver will definitely be her last name. No more clues until the baby girl is here. Don't bother trying to get us to give in... it won't happen.

Pregger pictures will come later this week.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have my first sono in 2 days... I am a bit nervous/ excited. I can't decide which emotional extreme it is. What do you think? Boy or Girl? Take your vote.

18 weeks 3 days. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

17 weeks down.

This week my mind has been fixated on doing the things I have wanted to do so badly. I want to go backpacking. We have all the gear but never have been able to get the chance to go. I don't need to go far but I would love to just get away from my phone and the internet for a few days and hang out with my husband. I also want to go on another vacation. I was looking through my honeymoon pictures and man do I want to get out and enjoy a beach again. I don't need to go to Jamaica or some resort destination again. I would totally be fine with anywhere warm. I also want to go for a morning walk/jog again like we did this past summer/ fall. I want to go ride my bike for miles. Okay you get the point... I want to go do a lot of things. Did you notice that everything I think about has to do with being outside? Of course it does because here in the snow globe I live in, being outside is miserable experience right now. The air is bitter cold and the constant snowing with overcast skies are putting me in a depressive state. I have been watching Sarah Palins Alaska lately and every time I think about how beautiful Alaska is and how I could totally live there... until I think about the no sun for months... thats not really my deal. I don't want to complain about the snow because it really is beautiful but for some reason this week it's just making me long for a beach so much more than I typically do.

17 weeks 3 days
Starting to show more from the front.
Enough with my ranting about wanting to go outside...the update on baby/ pregnancy you've all been waiting for. I am now beginning week 18 of my pregnancy. Its pretty crazy to me that in just a few weeks I will be half way through. I think it is starting to sink in that this pregnancy is more than just that; it is a life that I will be responsible for day in and day out. I am not freaking out yet but the concept is quite a big one to take in. As far as symptoms, this round ligament pain can go somewhere else. Last week it was really killing me and causing a lot of complications but with rest and lots of water I am now feeling a little better. I have learned that I just have to be careful what I do or how quickly I do things. I am grateful for a patient husband because I am sure me moving slower and complaining here and there has got to get old but he has yet to get too frustrated with me yet. I have this excessive fear of blowing up into a sumo wrestler during this pregnancy that I think I need to get over. The past 2 weeks or so I have noticed my clothes becoming more difficult to wear. My parents bought me the beband for Christmas so at least my pants are usable for now but my fear is they wont be for much longer. This baby is growing rapidly and making me feel like a pig. I am always hungry but despite my constant grazing I am still not meeting the calorie count the doctors suggested. I am healthy and baby is healthy so I am not really too worried. I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Friday Jan. 21st at 8am. I am more than excited to see this alien thing of mine and maybe get to find out what we are having.  I will update you all as soon as we know!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


beginning of 15 weeks


Dresser and crib

Maybe I will get 16 week pictures up if I can get my camera to take pictures.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! 16 weeks down!

I never understood as a child why my parents said the holidays were the most busy time of the year. Seriously, I got school off and did nothing but relax for two weeks. Now as an adult it all makes sense. I have to fit in Christmas shopping, keep my house decent for drop in guests, enjoy holiday baking, go to parties, and still live my daily life of working 40+ hours a week and spending time with my husband. The busy schedule the past few weeks would explain why you haven't seen any posts from me lately. 

On Christmas we went to our friends from church, Joy and Jim's house and had dinner with all of the pastors and their families. I must say getting us all together makes for a very interesting time. It was so nice to be able to spend the holiday with friends since we were unable to be with family. My family came to visit this past week. Though, the time was short it was nice to have them here and get caught up. Last evening, Tim and I went to another family from churches house for a new years eve get together. It has been very nice having people around and getting to spend some time with family and friends.  

In my time away we finally got our nursery furniture that we ordered on cyber Monday. We wanted to wait to set everything up until we (Tim) painted the room but we couldn't resist. We set up the dresser a few weeks back and found out that the company pre-drilled a hole wrong so one drawer does not open or close properly. Thank goodness for the manufacture warranty. We should have a new drawer front here within a few days to fix the problem. We set up the crib yesterday. Boy, was that a challenge. I think that the crib companies purposely try to make parents or dads fulfill the stereotype of being too stupid to follow directions and not able to put a crib together. There were no good directions. I mean seriously, who puts 10 pages of picture directions in a box and doesn't tell you what order to do anything in. In the end, junky directions and all; we got the crib together and it looks great!

As far as my pregnancy things are going really well. I have my moments where I do not feel well and my body does weird things but over all I would say things are going great. Although, I have started noticing this pain I get whenever I move too quickly or reach for something or even cough. I feel like I get punched in the gut. It is seriously such an awful feeling but they say it should pass fairly quickly. Apparently, it has to do with muscles stretching and such. I will take the pains that pass in a few seconds or minutes anyday over the puking my guts out all day long.  Other symptoms I have noticed are frequent headaches, heartburn, and excessive acne. I have a feeling all the quirky things my body does will be worth it in the long run. As of today I have officially gained 6lbs and am starting to have a more noticeable belly. 

This week the baby is no long a worm, tadpole, or bean... it is officially about the size of an avocado and weighs in at a big 3.5 oz. Does anyone else find it strange that we compare unborn children to such odd objects? At this point the baby has formed taste buds and can detect light. It is breathing in amniotic fluid and strengthening its lungs. This past week the baby has begun to look more human like rather than like an alien. 

We had our 3rd appointment Tuesday Dec. 28th. Appointments like these make me wonder if they are even necessary. The nurse practitioner spent a good period of time listening to the babies heartbeat to verify that there were no complications going on. This time it seemed much louder and stronger than last but that could be because we got to hear it for more than 30 seconds. It really put my mind at rest to hear the heartbeat and know all is well. The NP made comment about how active the baby was. Apparently, the fuzzy static sound in between heartbeats was the baby flipping around.   We also sat down with the head nurse and went over some paperwork and other minor details of pregnancy and delivery. I don't really feel like I learned anything or felt better informed after leaving the appointment but I suppose its what we have to do. I got the script to get my first ultrasound within the next few weeks. I have to call Monday to make that appointment. I plan on trying to get in the last week in January so that I will be farther along and might have a better chance of finding out the gender. I am hoping the next few weeks will pass quickly. 

Our camera is acting up so I will post 15 and 16 week pictures along with some baby room pictures as soon as we can figure out whats going on with it.